This acrylic paint style of covering product is suited for covering over concrete/asphalt bases in your choice of colours!courtpave

This acrylic painted surface is applied directly onto your slab in a 3 coat system.

Our product is a specially formulated, tried and tested acrylic Sports System

After lengthy formulation research, utilising the highest international quality, 100% acrylic resins, reinforcing powders and incorporating in-depth pigmentation, this product has proven to be the truly ultimate in sporting systems

Tennis Court Acrylic Paint lessens player fatigue, decreases surface temperatures (by up to 15%), has superior traction and is glare-free compared to just a concrete/asphalt finished slab.

It also has excellent characteristics on true and even ball bounce and speed. Speed can be determined at the application stage.

green-300x200Our product, because of its superior development is extremely tough and hard wearing and will protect court surfaces from weather, is non-fading, not affected by ultraviolet rays or surface water, will resist cracks and splits, scuff, chalking and stain resistant and is flexible and resilient to most types of punishment from weather.

Acrylic surfacing is a low maintenance system which is easily cleaned, assuming cleaning is done on a regular basis. Strong detergents will not affect the surface.

With cleaning/maintenance, the chances of algae growth developing depends on court drainage and sunlight availability. A water and chlorine treatment will generally eliminate these problems.

A Tennis Court installed at your address is more than that – for the private home use you have a full entertainment facility, providing your family and friends with a range of activities such as: – Tennis, Basketball / Netball