4lightsChoice of Two Systems:
Home Court Recreation System….for acreage type properties

6 smaller lights mounted in fencing either 1500 watt halogens or 400 watt Metal Halides, or 120 watt LED’s

Advantages are: economical to purchase but involves more maintenance and is more expensive to run (but depends on the amount of time used for)


Environmental Shoe Box Shape – Type 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lights…..needed for all residential type of properties
(Either Standard or “Extreme cut off lights” – for close neighbours)

6lightsEither 4 or 6 lights which give the most efficient and powerful lighting can do in more expensive LED’s, to get same light output as above ‘metal-halides’

Used In built up areas, probably the only system allowed by Councils where neighbour’s boundary line is close to the court

Virtually maintenance free and economical to run and give the best light


Net Posts

rebound-netsWe can supply and install removable international net posts, which are black coated posts with brass fittings and removable handles.

Our international nets (with “double-webbing” over top section) have a longer life span with centre strap and pin installed.

Hit Up Nets

Now we can install hit up nets, rebound nets into court fence lines – forms part of fence line.

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