Advantages of a Synthetic Grass Surface: –
Synthetic Grass is a soft surface hence less risk of injury…So is much better on the ‘back & ankles’.
Reduces glare by up to 50% and reduces reflected heat by up to 60% (over hard surfaces eg. concrete or bitumen)
Not slippery when wet – start playing immediately after rain
Low maintenance, depending on the “grass” type and quality and can be used for more multi-purpose sports eg. soccer, basket/net ball, hockey, cricket even golf putting…..

We have two different options of Synthetic Grass available from our manufacturing Company.

Importantly, we have been using the same manufacturing Company since Grand Slam’s formation in 1984, so when a Warranty is given, you can be assured of a guaranteed result.

First option –
Standard Synthetic Grass Surface – Polypropylene Yarn
+ 10,000 Denier & a 7-year Guarantee
+ 19mm Pile Height. In-filled with special kiln-dried sand.

terracotSecond option –
The Latest Technology From Overseas – Polyethylene Yarn (we have been installing this product since 1999 with excellent results).

THIS superior quality polyethylene yarn Matchplay, L.S.R. (Less Sand Residual).
+ 11,000 Denier
+ 10 Year Guarantee

ALSO: We can install in colours of your choice!! For example “Grandslam Clay Courts”, also “blue centre & green surrounds”

For more information on Matchplay/LSR Fibre – click here

So… To expand on the Three Major Advantages of our Option 2 product over our competitors….

1. Less sand is required in top part of the surface due to the fact that our surface material is less ” Grippy” BUT at the same time this ethylene product is stronger and hence has longer lasting fibres than normal polypropolene products.

2. It has mould / algae inhibitors in the material and therefore the court must be easier to look after over time.

3. All above means less maintenance over the years both in time and money while looking better and being easier to play on.